Illustrations Used in Deserts & Droughts

Climate Basics: Nothing to Fear, having made #1 Bestseller in Amazon’s Science & Math short reads, and #2 in Amazon’s Weather category, the author decided to make “Climate Basics” into a series. Deserts & Droughts: How Does Land Ever Get Water? is the first second book of the series. As a service to those who have a text only ebook reader, the illustrations used in the book are duplicated here for their convenience.

Chapter 1: Bogus Claims About Deserts and Droughts

Deserts & Droughts: California drought timeline
Figure 1.1—This graph was developed from current and proxy drought data while the California drought was still ongoing. Notice the size and duration of the previous droughts. (Click on image for closer view.)

Deserts & Droughts: Holocene temperatures
Figure 1.2—A graph of the Holocene temperature from GISP2 (Greenland) ice cores. Notice the scientist’s label on the right—“Approximate global temperature anomaly (Deg. C).” The original graph has been modified by adding the recent temperature, in red, following the ice core proxy (blue), “Today’s temperature” in red, and an additional 7 bars of green after the 3 most recent, to show the periodicity of the warm periods.

Deserts & Droughts: Temperatures and CO2 last 67 million years
Figure 1.3—Earth’s climate over the last 67 million years with the 2.6-million-year Pleistocene Ice Age on the far right. The prior 3-million-year Pliocene, and 17.7-million-year Miocene Epochs had warm periods that were far warmer than at any time during the current Ice Age. In fact, only a couple of brief times did the Miocene “cold” dip down to the level of the Holocene’s warmest periods.

Chapter 2: Counter-Claim — Deserts and Droughts Diminish from More Warming

Deserts & Droughts: Texas drought timeline
Figure 2.1—Here is the timeline of drought conditions for Texas from the year 2000 to 2018. (Click image for closer view.)

Deserts & Droughts: Texas drought map
Figure 2.2—This is a map of Texas showing the areas suffering a tiny amount of dryness and drought.
(Click image for closer view.)

Chapter 3: How it All Works — Rain, Droughts and Deserts

Deserts & Droughts: Temperatures and CO2 last 67 million years
Figure 3.1—Notice the massive cooling about 34 Mya, followed by 8 million years of Antarctica glaciation. That cooling turned Antarctica into a desert.

Chapter 4: Empirical Evidence About Deserts and Droughts

Deserts & Droughts: Temperatures and CO2 for last 570 million years.
Figure 4.1—Graph of temperatures and CO2 for the last 570 million years. Red shading has been added to the original graph in order to amplify the range of temperatures involved.


Deserts & Droughts: California drought timeline.
Figure 4.2—Drought timeline for California for 2000–2018. For a few short years, Californians suffered through a drought that seemed as though it might go on forever, but it didn’t. (Click on image for closer view.)


Deserts & Droughts: Drought timeline for continental USA.
Figure 4.3—Drought timeline for the Continental United States, 2000–2018. (Click on image for closer view.)