Critical Thinking Academy: New Course to Boost Awareness & Intelligence

Critical Thinking Academy: Course Image.A critical thinking course to supercharge your mind? Any good course can do that. But it can only do that if the student is hungry and open to learn.

Tharsis Highlands has published a new course entitled, “Critical Thinking Academy: Boost Awareness & Intelligence.” This is one of those “good” courses that everyone in the world should take. They don’t have to take our course, but they should take some course on critical thinking.

The first lesson: Question everything. This includes the student questioning everything they’ve ever learned—every fact, every belief, every certainty. Critical thinking starts with a clean slate where nothing is sacred. We can always put back the things we’ve learned, but while we’re viewing a topic critically, we need to be impartial in the extreme. This is quite liberating. This is the crucible where discoveries are made.

The Value of Critical Thinking

Perhaps the most vital subject to learn involves the improvement of the mind to think clearly and critically. Everything else in life depends on this—love, business, voting, management, education, health, and everything else in life, can benefit from solid critical thinking.

Our mind is a powerful tool, but too many of us let this tool become dulled by life, stress, and other distractions. Some let their minds become crippled with arrogance—thinking that they have it already figured out. Critical thinking questions even our own authority.

More About the Critical Thinking Course

This course has been sponsored by Critical Thinking —  and Infinity Dynamics — The first module was created by Global Warmth — The aim is to help everyone on Earth reach their full mental potential. Everyone? Certainly. Why not? This world needs more sharp minds cutting through the lies, half-truths, and worries being thrown at us every day. Salesmen, politicians, government bureaucrats, doctors, scientists, corporations, and many others keep giving us their spin on things. The Critical Thinking Academy gives you the skills to see past the hype and marketing dazzle that is meant to distract you from the real facts.

Critical Thinking Academy—Expansion Planned

Each Critical Thinking Academy course module tackles a specific, real-world topic. The first module involves “climate change.” At the end of the course, each student is asked to suggest future module topics. They can select from an existing list, or add new items. The course is meant to grow—to cover a broad range of subjects which will give the student the most thorough understanding of the basics of critical thinking.

The next module—conspiracies—is already in the pipeline.

Each module includes a free book or other significant handout, so the student receives a rich base of knowledge on every subject.

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Every course purchased directly from Tharsis Highlands includes an automatic 25% discount. Purchasing here saves us the marketing costs—savings which we’re happy to pass on to the student.

Take the Critical Thinking Academy course, now.

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