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Tharsis Highlands logo (Mars globe and pyramid)Tharsis Highlands Publishing
Category: Publishing
Naturally, we publish our own website. Topics include both fiction and non-fiction books, plus courses, software, videos and websites.

Infinity Dynamics Foundation logoInfinity Dynamics Foundation
Category: Education
Exploring the infinite potential of every individual through education.

Rod Martin, Jr.Rod Martin, Jr.
Category: Author
Writer, artist, scientist, engineer, philosopher and spiritual investigator. Discussions of all the topics that go into making our wonderful civilization—even the not-so-wonderful stuff.

Global Warmth
Category: Climate Science
Uncomfortable truth about climate change, valuing life over real estate.

Mission: Atlantis identity artMission: Atlantis
Category: Science & Mythology
Finding scientific proof. Fearless critical thinking on the evidence.

Earth eastern hemisphereCritical Thinking Earth
Category: Logic
Kicking the bias out of skepticism. Rod Martin’s challenge: Critical thinking is an art. Practice is required.

Ancient Suns
Category: Astronomy & Space Science
Exploring the universe for planets like Earth. “Only very old stars can harbor mature planets. Only in their midst are we likely to find life or civilization.”

Space Software
Category: Space Software
Providing tools to help visualize the universe around us.

Genesis Code
Category: Biblical Research
Letting the Spirit Guide us to Understanding. Finding evidence in Genesis for a very old universe, and the specific target of Noah’s Flood.

The Love of God
Category: Spirit
Helping to understand the full nature of God.

And the Pursuit of Happiness
Category: Politics
Life, Liberty and everything else we need… Exposing the Barriers.

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