Tharsis Highlands produces online educational courses on a broad range of topics—website development, critical thinking, astronomy and much more. The courses are delivered on the educational platform at, with over 45,000 courses in a broad range of topics, and millions of online students.

Courses created by Tharsis Highlands can be purchased through this website at a discount. Why a discount? It’s merely our way of saying “thank you” to our loyal customers. Below are button links to the courses currently offered. Be sure to look for the “Discount” button on each page. Clicking on a Discount button will include a discount code in the web address when you are directed to the Udemy website.

Critical Thinking Academy: Boost Awareness & Intelligence

Critical Thinking Academy course artDo you ever feel like marketers or even the evening news are tricky or deceptive? Do you want to have the skills to see right through their tactics? This course can give you those skills by helping you see their claims from a different viewpoint. This course uses real world examples to illustrate the points being made. Find out more about the Critical Thinking Academy.

Creating a Website Made Easy

Creating a Website Made Easy course imageHave you ever dreamed of creating your own website? Contrary to the common belief that only intelligent geeks can do such things, creating a website can be amazingly easy. This course gives you step-by-step instructions to go from building your first web page in under 60 seconds, to having a finished website that’s incredibly beautiful. Find out more about Creating a Website Made Easy.


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