Enemies of Christ coverRod Martin, Jr.
Published 2019:04
24,000 words

[Originally published as Watered Down Christianity, 2015:04]

Disagreement within the church is at least 1,700 years old. Disagreement means that someone has it wrong. It may even mean that all sides have lost sight of truth. We’ve had seventeen centuries of politics instead of spirituality. The church leaders have been guilty of lust, murder, deceit and even worse.

They have traded money for fake guarantees of blessings. In our own century, ministers have proclaimed that miracles no longer happen, and that no one individual can perform miracles, even with prayers to God. Some ministers even proclaim that salvation, once given, can never be lost—no matter what the crimes committed or how dark the heart has become. Supposedly a person can turn his back on Christ and on love itself and still be saved. This is the kind of watered down Christianity that has polluted the teachings of Christ.

Enemies of Christ provokes a more profound critical thinking and a stronger hunger for spiritual guidance. This book inspires the reader to dig deeper into scripture and to let the Holy Spirit lead the way. It points out where current teachings have gone astray and compares them to what Christ has taught. Rod Martin’s own experiences with miracles has inspired his writing to help awaken a fresh new humility to receive what God has always wanted to give us.

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Asking Profound Questions

Too many people live in a 50-50 relationship, meeting their partner halfway. But a truly responsible person goes the whole distance and doesn’t base their love on the performance of the other person. In a perfect relationship, each side gives 100%. This applies to romance and family life as well as to our relationship to God. This book shakes things up and asks questions that get us to look at scripture from new points-of-view. This makes our faith in God even stronger.

Putting a Spotlight on Personal Interpretation

Every one of us interprets scripture in our own way. Even when we copy our understanding from others, it remains flavored by our own viewpoint and experience. Rod Martin talked to a Catholic priest-in-training who assured him that it is not our job to be responsible for the sins of others. Yet, we are all supposed to follow Christ’s example, and he took responsibility for all the sins of the world. Martin experienced a major miracle in 1977, including a physical manifestation very much like that of Moses parting the sea. The miracle would not have been possible if he had not taken perfect responsibility for those who had assaulted him. His forgiveness of them would otherwise have been impossible.

Enemies of Christ takes a hard look at critical terms like “responsibility,” “faith” and “belief.” It opens them up and looks at them in the context of miracles and Christ’s examples to us all.

Enemies of Christ provides sobering evidence that Christianity has been changed to fit people’s physical and cultural needs, rather than retained to fit their spiritual requirements. When you’re done reading this book, you will gain a broader understanding of the challenges Christians face in today’s world with its pressures of moral relativism, and the urge to change scripture to meet selfish needs instead of providing spiritual guidance.

Enemies of Christ—Outline

Introduction: Belief vs. Truth
Chapter 1: Lazy Arrogance
Chapter 2: Permanent Salvation—A License to Kill?
Chapter 3: Responsible,… Sometimes
Chapter 4: Miracles Don’t Happen Any More
Chapter 5: My Interpretation or the Highway
Chapter 6: Pauline Confusion?
Chapter 7: Imperial Edict
Chapter 8: Graven Images
Chapter 9: God or Science?
Chapter 10: The Cure for Diluted Christianity

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