The Bible's Hidden Wisdom cover #2Rod Martin, Jr.
Published 2014:02
85,000 words

If God loves us so much, why did He send the Flood? Who were the daughters of men? Did the early patriarchs really live to nearly a thousand years each? Why are the names in Genesis 4 and 5 so similar? Does the Bible really disagree with science, or is it merely a matter of imperfect interpretation? The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom attempts to answer all of these questions and much more.

Using the Holy Spirit and the critical thinking of a scientist, Rod Martin finds some startling answers in Genesis that may have revealed themselves for the first time since the Bible was initially written. Martin finds clues in the Bible that explain,

  • The mark of Cain and how it relates to age of Cainan in Genesis 5.
  • The outrageous ages of the early patriarchs and how clues in Genesis 5:2 and 6:3 help resolve this age-old puzzle.
  • The real reason for Noah’s Flood and how it was compatible with God’s love for His children.
  • The target of the Flood and how science has produced evidence confirming this target.

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Book Trailer Videos

Identity Crisis – The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom

Length: 0:54

Theme: Evolution, creation or both? Animal body or spiritual child of God?

Apocalypse – The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom – What If

Length: 0:52

Theme: Prophecy talks of dark times ahead. Have those times already started? Are you prepared?

End of the World – The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom

Length: 1:07

Theme: Will the world end? What is the purpose of it all?

Miracles – The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom

Length: 0:51

Theme: Miracles are real and the Age of Miracles never ended.

What Crime? – The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom

Length: 1:01

Theme: Noah’s Flood supposedly solved some crime. But what exactly was that crime?

Science vs. Religion?

Some scientists and some believers would have you think that science and religion are at odds with one another. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Bible contains God’s truth. Scientists have developed precision skills to study God’s creation—physical reality. Some people on both sides are flawed, especially when individuals think they have it all figured out. Only with humility can a scientist or believer find new answers. Arrogance will only blind a person to discovery, and there are arrogant scientists and arrogant believers.

Both science and religion value truth. This is their ultimate answer. Science may never get there, but it remains ever striving toward that ideal knowledge. Both science and religion at its core (spirituality) are striving toward discovery of answers. They complement each other—science studying the physical product of creation (effect) and spirituality studying the non-physical source of creation (cause).

The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom explores the relationship between God and man and uses the Bible to gain a clearer definition of both. From these answers, a new perspective is gained on biblical meaning. Both science and the Bible can be right. Secular scientists need only adjust their interpretation of science to exclude certain logical fallacies. Believers need only set aside arrogant interpretations of biblical scriptures. Both sides share a common barrier—ego.

Clues in the Bible’s Wording

If you value humility, you will immediately see the value in hiding wisdom in the Bible. It takes work to dig beyond the easy, literal meaning of scripture. Christ said that the path to righteousness is narrow and difficult. Who are we to disagree with him? Who are we to declare that biblical interpretation should be literal and easy?

The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom provides all the evidence we need that wisdom is hidden in the Bible for those who are humble enough and hardworking enough to see it through spiritual eyes.

The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom—Outline

Introduction: God’s Enduring Love
Part 1—The Noah Mystery

Chapter 1—The Water of Death
Chapter 2—The Burning Question
Chapter 3—Biblical Wisdom
Chapter 4—The Sons of God
Chapter 5—What is Important to God?

Part 2—A New Genesis Timeline

Chapter 6—The Way to Find Answers
Chapter 7—Clues in Genesis
Chapter 8—These are the Generations
Chapter 9—Numbers of Perfection
Chapter 10—A Timeline Compatible with Science
Chapter 11—God’s Reason for Noah’s Flood
Chapter 12—The Water of Life


Genesis, Chapters 1–8
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Added Convenience

Some ebook formats make it more difficult for reading end notes. For the reader’s convenience, the book’s end notes have also been added online in the Tharsis Highlands blog at,

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