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Proof of God coverProof of God
Published 2018:09
Category Spirituality & Religion, Theology
Rod Martin, Jr.
26,000 words

This ambitious work tackles the reason why God doesn’t show Himself, it also makes the full argument for the very real existence of the Heavenly Father.

Proof can be a combination of empirical evidence and methodical reasoning. This slender book provides both. Read more…

Enemies of ChristEnemies of Christ cover
Published 2015:04
Category Spirituality & Religion, Christianity
Rod Martin, Jr.
24,000 words

Christianity remains the largest religion by population on the planet. Yet, it is a fractured religion, with hundreds of denominations—each one a separate flavor of the original teachings. In order to stay “relevant,” the various churches have endeavored to increase their popularity. But something has been lost in the process. This book explores how Christianity has become watered down and how, in many cases, the original teachings have become all but lost. Read more…

The Art of Forgiveness book coverThe Art of Forgiveness
Published 2012:06
Category Self-Help, How-To & Spirituality
Rod Martin, Jr.
11,000 words

In the summer of 1977, Rod Martin experienced three miracles while driving on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. All three changed his life forever. The most profound miracle was the discovery that forgiveness can be effortless. It took Martin more than 30 years to understand the lessons of that day. The Art of Forgiveness spells out exactly what happened and names the component parts of True Forgiveness. Read more…

The Science of Miracles book coverThe Science of Miracles: How Scientific Method Can Be Applied to Spiritual Phenomena
Published 2018:01
Category Spirituality & Religion, Miracles
Rod Martin, Jr.
28,000 words

To the skeptical scientist, miracles are a delusion. To those who have done miracles on a regular basis, they are a way to fulfill the will of God. This book examines the weaknesses of science and cuts to the bone, finding the problem in the very paradigm used by all of science. An easy solution is provided so that science can investigate any phenomenon without difficulty. This book also provides a narrative description of the events and thought processes that led Rod Martin to discover the mechanics of creation and the nature of our relationship to God. Read more…

The Bible's Hidden Wisdom cover #2The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom: God’s Reason for Noah’s Flood
Published 2014:02
Category Spirituality & Religion, Bible
Rod Martin, Jr.
69,000 words

Many Christians would be surprised to discover that the Bible contains hidden wisdom. While such wisdom remains hidden to any literal reading, it becomes readily visible to the Holy Spirit within each of us. Rod Martin’s biblical research uncovers what may be the real reason for Noah’s Flood. A new date for the Flood not only coincides with the disappearance of a competing species, that species matches the description in Genesis 6 for the “daughters of men.” The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom unlocks the mystery of the seemingly outrageous longevity of the early patriarchs. It finds a secret link between the children of Cain in Genesis 4, and the children of Seth in Genesis 5. The book’s message remains one of hope for it discovers a gem of great value within the seemingly harsh destruction of all life during the Flood. That gem is none other than God’s unwavering love for us. Read more…

Spirit is Digital - Science is Analog coverSpirit is Digital – Science is Analog
Published 2019:01
Category Spirituality & Religion, Science & Religion
Rod Martin, Jr.
17,000 words

Science and spirituality are more compatible than most people realize. Rod Martin adds clarity to this subject that has been sorely missing. As a scientist, he has studied mathematics, logic, astronomy, climate, geology, archaeology and much more. As a believer, he has performed miracles, studied their details and discovered details within scripture that no one else had ever seen. This eye-opening book will renew your appreciation for the universe in which we live. Read more…

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