The Art of Forgiveness book coverRod Martin, Jr.
Published 2012:06
11,000 words

It all started with a miracle. Rod Martin doesn’t use the term lightly. In an article he wrote on the subject, he made a clear distinction between “ordinary” and “extraordinary” miracles.

The birth of a baby, or even a scientific breakthrough might be classified as ordinary miracles. These can “excite admiring awe,” which is one definition. But the extraordinary kind bends or breaks physical law. This kind gives us a cause-and-effect coincidence that has no physical linkage between the cause and the effect.

The Art of Forgiveness details the events which led up to, and included, three extraordinary miracles:

  1. Going from boiling rage to serene bliss in an instant,
  2. Forgiving six assailants so thoroughly that it took him 34 years to realize that he had forgotten their assaults, and
  3. A physical miracle very much like that of Moses parting the sea.

It took Martin more than three decades to understand all that had happened on that day. This book reveals what he discovered about the nature of miracles, forgiveness and even creation itself.

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Clues to Understanding the Bible

Have you ever had the feeling that the Bible might have more to it than the literal words? After all, Jesus condemned the biblical literalists of his own day—the Pharisees—for completely missing the spirit of scripture. Christ said that the path to salvation is narrow and difficult, which alone suggests that a literal (easy) reading of the Bible is not part of that path. “Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life” (2 Cor. 3:6, KJV).

What Rod Martin discovered in the details of his Miracle on Wilshire Boulevard, in 1977, revealed to him the mechanics of creation which have lain hidden in plain sight in Genesis for thousands of years. The lessons Martin learned, complement the teachings of Christ and reaffirm the key principles upon which Christianity is based.

What Forgiveness is and What it is Not

Some people in our society have a very fuzzy understanding of what forgiveness means. We may have heard others say that they “can forgive, but cannot forget.” And then those same people repeat their complaints of suffering for the thousandth time, revealing their attachment to the source of their resentment. That is not forgiveness.

True forgiveness is lighthearted and clean. It is forgetting the trespass as much as you might forget a spec of dust sitting on your desk. The memory is not destroyed, but the feeling of hurt no longer exists. The importance has been dissolved.

The Art of Forgiveness provides all you need to know to make forgiveness effortless.

The Art of Forgiveness—Outline

Introduction: The Power of Forgiveness
Chapter One: To Forgive is Divine
Chapter Two: True Forgiveness
Chapter Three: Loving Your Enemies
Chapter Four: Humble Confidence
Chapter Five: Taking Full Responsibility for Their Acts
Chapter Six: The Miracles on Wilshire Boulevard
Chapter Seven: Cultivating True Forgiveness
After Word: The Art of Prayer

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