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Taking Charge book coverTaking Charge: How to Assert Positive Control Over Your Own Emotions
Published 2018:09
Category Self-Help & How-To
Rod Martin, Jr.
15,000 words (Also known as Instant Happiness)

Everyone wants to take charge of their own destiny. Thankfully, you can have that control any time you want. Ironically, we have so much practice stopping our own empowerment, achieving this desired state has become difficult. Taking Charge provides step-by-step exercises for breaking through the barriers that we create for ourselves. Lasting control over your own destiny can be had. This book shows exactly how to do that. Read more…

The Art of Forgiveness book coverThe Art of Forgiveness
Published 2012:06
Category Self-Help, How-To & Spirituality
Rod Martin, Jr.
11,000 words

In the summer of 1977, Rod Martin experienced three miracles while driving on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. All three changed his life forever. The most profound miracle was the discovery that forgiveness can be effortless. It took Martin more than 30 years to understand the lessons of that day. The Art of Forgiveness spells out exactly what happened and names the component parts of True Forgiveness. Read more…

The Spark of Creativity book coverThe Spark of Creativity: How to Unleash a Flood of Ideas That Matter, Right Now
Published 2014:04
Category Self-Help & How-To
Rod Martin, Jr.
12,000 words

Even if you think you’re not a very creative person, you can find that spark within you. The Spark of Creativity provides several, step-by-step exercises for developing your own creativity. The book also provides useful tips for what to do when your own creative juices seem to have dried up. Read more…

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