Thermophobia book coverRod Martin, Jr.
Published 2016:08
36,000 words

Our world has been assaulted by a marketing blitz. Global Warming is the new evil in the world—source of tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, floods, heat waves, cold snaps, sea level rise and even terrorism. But what if you found out that it’s all a hoax? What if you found out that half-truths had been blown out of proportion to manipulate society into a very uncomfortable corner? Thermophobia provides evidence to show this very thing.

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Startling Facts About Global Warming

Did you know that Global Warming made civilization possible 12,000 years ago? It started with +5°C of warming in 50 years—over 3 times as fast as the UN’s supposed “horror story.” Our current rate of warming is not unique.

Did you know that, technically, we currently live in an Ice Age, and that the current interglacial is overdue to end? The implications of these facts pose a grave threat to humanity and civilization.

Meanwhile, the threats from Global Warming remain ironically small by comparison. So, why the “thermophobia”—fear of warmth? The answers may surprise you.

Vital CO2 Slandered

Did you know that life almost became extinct because CO2 levels were too low 13,000 BC? Did you know that plants have been struggling for the last 30 million years, because they’ve been living in COstarvation? That long ago, when carbon dioxide levels dropped down to 800 ppm (parts per million), plants freaked out and evolved C4 species to cope with the CO2 starvation. Today, carbon dioxide has made a partial recovery to 400 ppm, and this is greening the Earth. Ironically, this is not good news to the “green” environmentalists.

Global Warming Vindicated

The corporate, mainstream media, United Nations and other governments have slandered Global Warming, claiming that it is responsible for a host of ills. Almost all of them are lies. The only significant danger posed by Global Warming is sea level rise. But the fact that we live in an Ice Age, with the current interglacial overdue to end, poses a far more deadly problem from Global Cooling. So, we’re left with a choice:

  1. Promote Global Warming and save lives, but lose coastal real estate, or
  2. Promote Global Cooling and lose up to 7 billion lives, plus lose civilization, and save the coastal real estate while losing large areas to permanent snow.

Thermophobia provides all the evidence we need that Global Warming is the better option.


Introduction: Thermophobia in Perspective
Part 1: Thermophobia

Chapter 1: Unreasonable Fear
Chapter 2: The Current Ice Age
Chapter 3: Wonderful and Essential Carbon Dioxide
Chapter 4: ‘Climate Change’ and Other Squishy Terms
Chapter 5: The Missing Global Warming Catastrophes
Chapter 6: The Bad Boys—IPCC, Climate Gate and Mr. Hockey Stick
Chapter 7: Death of the African Dream; Death of the American Dream
Chapter 8: The Real Culprit Behind Climate Change

Part 2: Cryophilia

Chapter 9: End of the Holocene
Chapter 10: Ninety Thousand Years of Ice
Chapter 11: Geoengineering
Chapter 12: Why?

Part 3: The Cure

Chapter 13: A Warm World
Chapter 14: Awareness of the Lies and the Real Problems
Chapter 15: Prepare Humanity for the Cold (if necessary)
Chapter 16: End the Ice Age (if possible)
Chapter 17: Selflessness—Giving Up Self-Concern

Climate Change Video

Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed
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