Instant Happiness book coverRod Martin, Jr.
Published 2016:07
15,000 words

Turning on happiness can be effortless, if you know how. The skills taught in this book can be used by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Step-by-step techniques give you everything you need to strengthen your “happiness muscle.”

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Happiness Starts with a Decision

This may sound overly simplistic, but it’s not. Rod Martin gives his own real-life experience in discovering what it takes to go from severe depression to lighthearted bliss in an instant. All it took was deciding to be happy and then acting on it.

But we humans come with a bag full of barriers. We can find all manner of reasons not to decide to be happy. A large part of this book explores the nature of those barriers, how to recognize them and how to overcome them.

Practice Makes Perfect

No self-help or how-to book would ever work without at least a few exercises. This book has nearly two dozen step-by-step exercises that help you strengthen your awareness of barriers and your ability to blow right through them.

Understanding is the Foundation to Correct Action

If you have a destination—a goal—you have a much better chance of getting there. Setting out without a goal is understandably haphazard. But imagine having a goal, but not understanding anything about your barriers or your abilities and resources. Instant Happiness helps you understand not only the barriers in your way, but also the tools you have at your disposal—things like awareness, responsibility, love, humility, compassion and the ability to turn your attention outward, rather than inward. These empower you to conquer all barriers to your own instant happiness.

Once you’re done with this book, the many steps you’ve taken will give you the strength to turn on happiness in an instant, on demand.

Instant Happiness—Outline

PART 1—Mastering Happiness

Introduction—The secret to creating your own feelings
Chapter 1—5 Steps to Instant Happiness
Chapter 2—How it All Works

PART 2—Barriers to Overcome

Chapter 3—Barrier to Happiness: Negative Attitude
Chapter 4—Barrier to Happiness: Laziness
Chapter 5—Barrier to Happiness: Blindness
Chapter 6—Barrier to Happiness: Reasonableness
Chapter 7—Barrier to Happiness: Shyness
Chapter 8—Barrier to Happiness: Weak-willed
Chapter 9—Barrier to Happiness: Resentment, Annoyance and Blame
Chapter 10—Barrier to Happiness: Irresponsibility

PART 3—What to Expect

Chapter 11—Walk the Walk
Chapter 12—Responsibility vs. Blame
Chapter 13—Love vs. Importance
Chapter 14—Humility vs. Failure
Chapter 15—Compassion vs. Sympathy
Chapter 16—Humble Confidence vs. Arrogance
Chapter 17—Ultimate Happiness—Giving Up Self-Concern

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