Favorable Incompetence book coverRod Martin, Jr.
Published 2015:09
21,000 words

The United States government told us that 9/11 was a conspiracy of Osama bin Laden, yet never provided clear-cut evidence linking him to the crime. The Afghani’s would gladly have handed bin Laden over to the Americans, in exchange for proof of the man’s involvement. Those United States decided either that they loved war far more, or that they didn’t have such evidence. It should trouble any sane individual that America was lying about something so monstrous or so bloodthirsty and greedy.

Favorable Incompetence digs deep into the evidence of 9/11, showing how this event is still destroying lives around the world even today. The evidence of wrongdoing within the government remains strong, yet no one has been arrested. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld decided to make himself unavailable on that morning, even after being notified that the nation was under attack. Vice President Cheney received regular reports on the approach of an airplane to the Pentagon and told the officer on duty that the “orders” still stood as originally given. Mayor Giuliani began scrubbing clean the crime scene on the evening of 9/11, more than a year before the official investigation began. This is a felony. And the top 6 military officers responsible for failing to protect the country on 9/11 all received promotions instead of courts martial. In what universe does the military reward deadly incompetence?

The clues suggest that something else had been going on. Instead of an epidemic of incompetence favorable to some enemy, someone in government, or controlling government from industry, had orchestrated a major crime and skillfully had covered it up. But not skillfully enough.

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Startling Facts About 9/11

When a building collapses by structural failure, it always slows down when the upper part of the structure collides with the lower part. This slowing down is governed by the laws of physics. The kinetic (active) movement of the building is converted into destructive action—bending or breaking the steel beams on the next floor, crushing office equipment and walls, and pulverizing the concrete in the floor pan. Each destructive action requires energy, and this energy is taken from the kinetic or falling energy of the building. On 9/11, each of the three buildings which collapsed on that day did not experience any slowing down at each floor. None! In other words, the bending or breaking of the steel beams was accomplished by some other force. The crushing of the contents of each floor was done by some other mechanism. The pulverizing of the concrete on each floor could only have been done by explosions of some kind. In the 9/11 dust, investigators found evidence of more than 7,000 short tons of iron microspheres—microscopic balls of iron which could only have been created by an extreme heat the official conspiracy theory said did not exist in any of the buildings.

Real Debunking of the Official Conspiracy Theory

Debunking is never achieved merely by supplying a plausible alternative hypothesis. The original theory has to be shown to be impossible. This is not always easy, but in the case of 9/11, there remains ample evidence to blow the government’s conspiracy theory out of the water.

Each part of the government’s story is taken apart and dismantled by conflicting evidence.

Controlled Demolition and Government Secrets

Setting up a solid steel structure for demolition takes weeks. Buildings of the size found at the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York City would have taken months of preparation. WTC7 was the third building to collapse on 9/11—the one not hit by an airplane. Within it was housed agencies of the American government, including the largest office of the Central Intelligence Agency outside of Langley (its headquarters). We could believe that the CIA remained entirely clueless that their own building was being wired with explosives, or we could acknowledge the very grave possibility that someone high in the CIA knew of the preparation and kept it from most of their staff. Those who say that secrets cannot be kept only reveal their poor logic. All the best kept secrets we likely will never know about.

Favorable Incompetence provides all the evidence we need that 9/11 was an inside job.

Favorable Incompetence—Outline

Introduction: The Official Conspiracy Theory
Chapter 1: Cartoon Buildings and Government Reports
Chapter 2: Devout Muslims The Accused Were Not
Chapter 3: Jumping Hot Giuliani and the Disappearing Crime Scene
Chapter 4: Rewarding Military Incompetence
Chapter 5: Bumbling Bush and His Gang of Sinister Clowns
Chapter 6: Magical Airplanes
Chapter 7: Someone Would’ve Talked
Chapter 8: Media and the Official Conspiracy Theory
Chapter 9: Who Benefited? Means, Motive and Opportunity
Chapter 10: The Disaster that Keeps On Giving

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