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Mission: Atlantis book coverMission: Atlantis, Scientific evidence of Plato’s lost island empire
Published 2020:05
Categories History, Politics & Myth; Science
Rod Martin, Jr.
192,000 words

Packed with evidence and evidence-based hypotheses that attempt to explain everything related to Plato’s Atlantis. Includes many topics from ancient myth that could be other versions of the Atlantis story. Several fields of science are consulted, including climate, geology, oceanography, physical and cultural anthropology, linguistics, biology and genetics. What Proof of Atlantis (22,000 words) merely touched on, Mission: Atlantis (192,000 words) covers in great depth, including critiquing both the fans and critics of the Atlantis story. Read more…

Proof of Atlantis? coverProof of Atlantis? Evidence of Plato’s Lost Island Empire
Published 2019:04
Category History, Politics & Myth
Rod Martin, Jr.
22,000 words

What would it take to prove Plato right on Atlantis? What if we already have enough evidence, but everyone is too afraid to look? These questions and more are addressed in this book. Not only does it provide a wealth of evidence in support of the past existence of Atlantis, it reveals 3 items of scientific data, each from a separate discipline, which virtually proves an Atlantis-like event occurred right when Plato said the island was destroyed. Read more…

Democrat Madness coverDemocrat Madness
Category History & Politics
C. Rusty Curmudgeon
~6,000 words

The best way to tackle a serious subject is with humor. At least that’s the premise of C. Rusty Curmudgeon’s new book. It seems that Democrats have been fond of saying many things that don’t match up with reality. Curmudgeon has picked his favorites and couples each statement with a powerful question which deflates its meaning, sometimes shining a light on its hypocrisy.

This could well be a Republican’s and Independent’s best handbook for combating “Lefty Lunacy.”

Dirt Ordinary book coverDirt Ordinary: Shining a Light on Conspiracies
Published 2015:09
Category History & Politics
Rod Martin, Jr.
24,000 words

American culture treats “conspiracies” as if they were fantasies. Ironically, this is far from true. Did you know there are at least 489 new conspiracies starting every second, on average? This is based on documented conspiracies. The number of undocumented conspiracies remains unknown. Conspiracies can be found in virtually every aspect of life—from children stealing cookies in the kitchen, to college students cheating on exams, and from corporate espionage, to 9/11. Every war began with at least one conspiracy. In a very real sense, conspiracies have led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people throughout human history. Read more…

Favorable Incompetence book coverFavorable Incompetence: Shining a Light on 9/11
Published 2015:09
Category History & Politics
Rod Martin, Jr.
21,000 words

Many people think 9/11 is old news, but it remains an ongoing event. People are still dying because of it. Did you know that the top 6 military officers who failed to protect America on 9/11 all received promotions, instead of courts martial? Since when does the military reward deadly incompetence? Did you know that New York Mayor Giuliani committed felony destruction of crime scene evidence starting on the evening of 9/11 and continuing for months, ending more than half a year before the official investigation began? September 11 contains some deadly mysteries and more lies than you might imagine. Read more…

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