Touch the Stars: Emergence book coverJohn Dalmas and Carl Martin
Published 1983:08, Expanded 2012:06
74,000 words

This is Part 1 of the Touch the Stars series. (For Part 2 by Carl Martin, see Touch the Stars: Diaspora.)

An accident at Roanhorse Aerospace left three dead and two injured. Within the debris were clues to a new technology that would ultimately give humanity the stars—not merely Alpha Centauri, next door, but all of them.

Jason Roanhorse was not your typical Apache. Behind his dark Amerind face stood an Edison-like intelligence and a Steve Jobs level of creativity. Suddenly, his recently prominent company had become a world-changing force for humanity’s freedom.

But not everyone wanted humans to be free to roam the stars. A secretive group of rich internationalists wanted humanity under their thumb. These powerful industrialists had formed the Hamilton Club to ensure their vision of the future would become a reality. They used murder, bribery, blackmail and every other trick to coerce governments and competitors to yield to their demands. If the Hamilton Club was to see their goals achieved, Roanhorse had to die.

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Touch the Stars: Emergence book cover

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Roanhorse Aerospace

Jason Roanhorse had moved his fledgling company from Texas to Scotland. There, he met a Scottish lass, married her and she gave him two handsome sons. But the Scottish people, invigorated by his ingenuity, contributed to his gargantuan success. His tiny, aerospace company became a world leader in spaceship engine design and manufacture. With the discovery of a faster-than-light drive, Roanhorse Aerospace (RAS) became the first and only company in the world manufacturing starships. And this made him an immediate target of people who saw this new freedom as a threat.

Hamilton Club

Established in the late 1800s, the Hamilton Club had the single-minded purpose of establishing an oligarchy to rule over all of humanity—a centralized, one-world government that would eliminate war, but also eliminate freedom. Roanhorse and his new technology were their most immediate threat.

Touch the Stars: Emergence provides science, political intrigue, interstellar travel and one larger-than-life character in Jason Roanhorse.

Kudos for Touch the Stars: Emergence

Amazon Customers Give 4.7 Stars Out of 5

Here are some critiques of the book from readers of the original, paperback edition.

I really enjoyed this book!

This is an uplifting story of an Native American industrialist, Jason Roanhorse, and his conflict with an shadowy group known as the Hamilton Club (read “enslavers of mankind”). I found this tale of Roanhorse’s discovery of a cheap faster than light propulsion drive for spaceships and the ramifications of same to be captivating…. I have read this several times and enjoy it more and more each time.
A Customer

One of my favorite books…

This book is an enjoyable read, no profane language, interesting plot. I was looking for similar books by the same author when I find it on Amazon, and thought it was worth a quick review.
David E. Ritchie

Touch the Stars: Excellent Book

I read this book when it first came out. I really enjoyed it. It does touch along the lines at the beginning of “Star Trek: Federation” though. The Warp Bomb and Zephram Cochran. But the rest of the story is very well done. Well worth the read!
George R. Blake

Kindle Version Gets 5 Stars Out of 5

Revised and updated, the new Kindle version pleases as much as the print version.


I really enjoyed this book. Jason Roanhouse is a larger then life hero who opens space travel to mankind. Easy to read and suspenseful. I am hoping for a second book. [Editor Note: The second book can be found here.]
Amazon Customer (verified purchase)

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