Touch the Stars: Diaspora book coverCarl Martin
Published 2014:05
163,000 words
(742 pages in print)

This is Part 2 of the Touch the Stars series. (For Part 1 by John Dalmas and Carl Martin, see Touch the Stars: Emergence.)

Jason Roanhorse had won the war against the Hamilton Club. The Club’s leader had been ousted by his equally ruthless daughter, Felice Burton-Masters. In the period of peace, Jason did everything he could to ensure that humanity gained a strong foothold amongst the stars. Hamilton Club members plotted with their newest member, alien Vormin Kark, to find a way to use Roanhorse’s strengths against him.

Diaspora is all about interstellar political intrigue, super high technology, starjacking ships between star systems, and the seeds of war like nothing Earth has ever known.

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Finding Life on Other Worlds

Explorers from Roanhorse Aerospace not only find life in nearly every star system beyond our own, they find numerous worlds with civilization where life was never likely to start in the first place. These mysteries multiply the enigma of space. On one planet, the explorers even encounter a group of monks who speak English, and who practice a technique called “touching the stars.”

Humanity’s Worst Enemy

Vormin Kark could be considered almost cute in his tiny stature. At more than two centuries in age, however, this tiny, sentient being from the planet Helifos is a monster bent on conquest—a destroyer of worlds. Kark becomes the Hamilton Club’s latest ally and that becomes their worst mistake ever.

Dirty Tricks and More Assassination

The Hamilton Club expands its reach to the stars, attempting to stop humans from migrating to other planetary systems, or attempting to ensnare them when they arrive. The Hamilton Club even makes friends with a sister group on Alpha Centauri’s planet Veopul. There, a powerful and deadly elite plot to overthrow their king with an assassination made to look like suicide.

When Vormin Kark betrays the Hamilton Club, the little alien takes over and sets Earth on a collision course for interstellar war. The story plot was even developed using a 3D astronomy space software tool called “Stars in the NeighborHood,” developed by the author.

Touch the Stars: Diaspora provides an epic space opera adventure that spans this entire region of the Milky Way galaxy.

Touch the Stars: Diaspora—Outline

Part 1 Omen—(3 chapters)
Part 2 Foundation—(1 chapter)
Part 3 From the Ashes—(5 chapters)
Part 4 Black Harvest—(1 chapter)
Part 5 Encounters—(1 chapter)
Part 6 Touching and Touched—(1 chapter)
Part 7 Counterpoints—(1 chapter)
Part 8 Vision—(1 chapter)
Part 9 Nightmare—(1 chapter)
Part 10 Turnabout—(1 chapter)
Part 11 Threshold—(1 chapter)
Part 12 Seedling Suns—(23 chapters)
Part 13 Festival of Two Suns—(8 chapters)
Part 14 Balance—(7 chapters)
Part 15 Web Woven Tightly—(15 chapters)

Kudos for Touch the Stars: Diaspora

Damn good book!

This book is a sequel to, “Touch The Stars: Emergence,” and fans of that book (or others by John Dalmas) should be well pleased.

This is a big book! It’s big by page count and it’s also big in ideas. It can be read on several levels and, if enjoyed at all, will likely be reread many times.

On one hand, this book is about humans advancing into and exploring the physical universe; on the other it’s about humans beginning to understand the mind and exploring the spiritual universe.

Those who love SF for the scientific speculation should enjoy this book tremendously.

Last, I found this book—immaculate. Readers easily annoyed by poor copy-editing should have no cause to complain.

Gary F. York (Verified Purchase)

Excellent book

I really liked this book, it was an excellent story and well written. I was just disappointed that this sequel was so long in coming.

John Jordan (Verified Purchase)

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