Edge of Remembrance series Book 2Tales of Atlantis Lost

Carl Martin
Published 2017:0315
115,000 words

Book 2 of Edge of Remembrance, Merla Velzna faces her greatest challenge since the destruction of her homeland. But the seeds she planted, nearly 12,000 years ago, bear fruit. And her once scattered family finally comes back together, again.

Gunter Jürgens discovered he had an intelligent and attractive fan who would not go away. When he discovered the secret within himself and in her, it changed his life forever.

Myth and legend from our earliest cultures contain elements of truth. They are tales of real people and real events, mis-remembered by primitives who merely did not have an adequate vocabulary to describe what really happened. Edge of Remembrance: Tales of Atlantis Lost follows two lives separated by nearly 12,000 years, but connected in ways they could not have ever imagined. Both Merla Velzna and Gunter Jürgens were archaeologists, but Merla had been given the opportunity to do much more than dig up the past. She had been given the responsibility to help keep civilization alive after humanity’s single greatest tragedy. And Gunter’s journey of discovery reveals the true meaning behind many of the myths our culture has long known, but never properly understood.

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Ancient Legends Come to Life

Ever wonder about some of the legends of Ancient Greek or Egyptian myth? How could something as crazy or mixed up ever have been true? Tales of Atlantis Lost gives you those ancient myths, and then lets you enter the stories as they actually happened, at least in the writer’s imagination. Suddenly, the insane becomes plausible, like the founding of Athens by a creature that was half-man, half-snake. Tales of Atlantis Lost imagines those stories as only Carl Martin can, with a deep clarity that makes the impossible myth seem entirely possible.

Basque Businessman Turned Space Man

Fernando Etxebeste was a mild, middle-aged Spanish businessman of the Basque country of Northern Spain. He and thousands of his fellow Basques had suffered years of increasing abuse and now were preparing to emigrate to Mars. But Fernando held a secret which finally catches up with him. That secret ends up connecting him to distant relatives he never knew he had.

Human Bones Found on Mars

Imagine the shock of discovering that humans had been to Mars thousands of years before our own history had begun. The collapse of their society provides us with a cautionary tale about the fragile nature of civilization and the need to do more to protect what we have.

Preteen Cousins Separated by 11,600 Years

Amanda Parker and Anaruz Tahri were distant cousins. She lived in Oklahoma and he lived in Morocco. How they discovered one another links them both to Merla Velzna, their common ancestor from 11,600 years before.

Edge of Remembrance: Gods and Dragons tells the story of a reluctant heroine who helped to make civilization possible six thousand years before our own history began.

Tales of Atlantis Lost—Outline

Part 1: An Age of Heroes

Chapter 1: Gelgila’s Dark Secret
Chapter 2: Egoberto Contreras
Chapter 3: Anita Allenby
Chapter 4: Dusty Grayson
Chapter 5: Jason Roanhorse
Chapter 6: Cragen Benedict
Chapter 7: Meeting With the UN
Chapter 8: Gunter Jürgens and General Freddy Supriyanto
Chapter 9: The Two Towers of the Middle Earth Sea
Chapter 10: Cecrops and the Founding of Athens
Chapter 11: Cadmus and the Golden Dragon
Chapter 12: Medea’s Dragon
Chapter 13: Speed Governor and Hidden Feelings Revealed
Chapter 14: Comparative Linguistics
Chapter 15: Ötzi
Chapter 16: General Gareth Heksoth
Chapter 17: Flooding of the Med
Chapter 18: Bherigilnon
Chapter 19: Bani Seperoth and the Gereti Republic
Chapter 20: Wounded Kemet
Chapter 21: Odysseus and Aeolus
Chapter 22: Repairing the Damage in Kemet
Chapter 23: Children of Heksoth
Chapter 24: Here There Be Dragons
Chapter 25: Crisis of Faith

Part 2: Heritage

Chapter 26: Amanda Parker and Anaruz Tahri
Chapter 27: Merla’s New Mission
Chapter 28: Gunter’s New Mission
Chapter 29: Kemet Recovery
Chapter 30: Amanda’s Discovery
Chapter 31: Merla’s Discovery
Chapter 32: Anita’s Discovery
Chapter 33: Cain and Abel
Chapter 34: The Moons of Jupiter
Chapter 35: Moses
Chapter 36: Fire in the Middle
Chapter 37: Aten and Merla on World Tour
Chapter 38: Gunter and Anita, Merla and Aten


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