Edge of Remembrance series Book 1Gods and Dragons book cover

Carl Martin
Published 2017:0214
139,000 words

Merla Velzna had been born a warrior, but had chosen archaeology. Destiny, however, had chosen her to protect the future of civilization, all six thousand years before our own history began.

Gunter Jürgens had always dreamed of being an archaeologist. On a dig in Nicaragua he discovered evidence of Merla Velzna and of the empire that all of modern science had declared taboo.

Spanning twelve thousand years, this is the story of two archaeologists. The one in the future—Gunter Jürgens—is studying the life and work of the one in the past, but to do so has been made taboo by science-at-large. The one in the past—Merla Velzna—has left her job of studying the past in order to take on a third career—that of saving the future of civilization.

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She saved the future of civilization

“Merla Velzna had earned the right not to kill.” So begins this tale of a larger-than-life woman who cared enough to dedicate her life to helping others. Though she had been born a warrior, she took the rare opportunity to change her station in life to one of science—digging up ancient high-tech artifacts. When her homeland was destroyed, circumstances chose for her a far more demanding role.

Forgotten by history, myth would remember her by many names, including Minerva and Pallas Athena.

He braved the taboos of modern science

Gunter Jürgens had dedicated his life to digging up ancient artifacts. Then he discovered something that science had declared taboo. He had found solid evidence that Plato’s Atlantis really had existed. When he discovered evidence of Merla Velzna, he risked his reputation to prove that she had existed.

Gods and Dragons—Outline

Part 1: A Myth of Gods

Chapter 1—Merla: Warning
Chapter 2—Gunter: Discovery
Chapter 3—Merla: Meaning
Chapter 4—Gunter: Taboo
Chapter 5—Merla: Preparation
Chapter 6—Gunter: Like Christmas
Chapter 7—Merla: Saving Lives
Chapter 8—Gunter: Power Crystal
Chapter 9—Merla: Beginning of the End
Chapter 10—Gunter: Journey to the Bottom of the Sea
Chapter 11—Merla: Recuperating
Chapter 12—Fernando: Government Abuse
Chapter 13—Merla: The New Prime Minister
Chapter 14—Gunter: Ancient Technology
Chapter 15—Merla: City of Onn
Chapter 16—Fernando: Chief of Interstellar Settlements
Chapter 17—Merla: Bliss
Chapter 18—Gunter: Edge of Remembering
Chapter 19—Merla: Discovering the Olive
Chapter 20—Fernando: Sacred Medallion
Chapter 21—Merla: Solutions

Part 2: A Legend of Dragons

Chapter 22—Merla: Apollo
Chapter 23—Gunter: Order of Seth
Chapter 24—Merla: Sett, Osiris and Aten
Chapter 25—Gunter: Pel es Katira
Chapter 26—Merla: Rescuing Osiris
Chapter 27—Gunter: Metis, Medea and Six Victims
Chapter 28—Merla: Confrontation
Chapter 29—Gunter: Scandal
Chapter 30—Merla: Success of Horus
Chapter 31—Gunter: Bomb
Chapter 32—Merla: Isis Crashes the Party
Chapter 33—Gunter: Lasha Nibladze
Chapter 34—Merla: Horus, Sett and Harpoons
Chapter 35—Gunter: Tony Armbruster
Chapter 36—Merla: Ra Punishes Horus
Chapter 37—Gunter: Seeds of Civilization
Chapter 38—Merla: Full Scale Assault
Chapter 39—Gunter: Rufus Stillwell
Chapter 40—Merla: Achieving Peace
Chapter 41—Fernando: Mars on New Year’s Eve


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