Entropy's Children book coverCarl Martin
Published 2014:03
57,000 words

Twelve stories of short science fiction, including one novella, one novelette, and ten short stories. These cover a span of time measured in trillions of years and space measured in millions of parsecs. From the true story of Odin to the forlorn tale of a Los Angeles attorney who regretted not paying more attention in geography class when he ended up in a galaxy far, far away.

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Hard-nosed but Transcendent Logic

If you’ve ever been in a war and needed to come up with a new weapon, reasonableness is just the type of excuse you don’t need. Georges Simonefero knew this, but his missing ingredient turned out to be some much needed humility, in “Tank.”

In the short story, “Locked in Ice,” Dr. Emerson Barker’s lack of humility worked against scientific discovery—covering up evidence he had deemed too uncomfortable.

The End of the Universe—Twice!

The novella, “Gift of Karma” starts with the end of one universe in collapse (“Gravity’s Children”), and ends with the final days of another universe in the cooling embers of universal fires going out (“Entropy’s Children”). Each one tackles a different set of responsibilities. Like a message in a bottle, Telandri of the planet Harma had established a program to send a message to the children of the next universe—something that would survive the coruscating fires of the next Big Bang.


In “The Air We Breathe,” junior reporter, Gerry Ann Quesada finally found the one story that could make her career. However, when she drove to the interview that morning, she had dreaded that she would have to talk about stale air that had some geeky scientist all excited.

On the planet Lavoisier, oceans covered some 93% of the surface. One small continent and several medium-sized islands broke the otherwise featureless surface. What scientists discovered there shook the very foundation of science itself, in “The Water.”

Olen Efel-Tosk had no idea his day would turn out so exciting when he set out for an “Errand in Rizzel.” He encountered a monster on horseback, a package of high technology, and a golden dragon.

The novelette, “Return to Innocence,” takes us to the 1,255th century. Earth has a population of several hundred billion, all working together in peace. War had become exported to the “war planet,” Aresia. Headquarters needed something to give their R&D program a kick-start. That’s why Jagor Kroliap had been assigned to an underwater archaeological dig in what had once been called Los Angeles. Kroliap dug up more than he bargained for.

Entropy’s Children delivers twelve thought-provoking stories that cover several galaxies and billions of years of time.

Entropy’s Children—Outline

Introduction: The Meaning of Entropy
The Air We Breathe
The Water
All That Glitters
The Map
An Errand in Rizzel
Sand Box Rules
Locked in Ice
The Intruder
Return to Innocence
Verbothan’s Curve
Gift of Karma

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