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Deserts & Droughts book coverLatest:

Deserts & Droughts: How does Land Ever Get Water?
Published 2018:12
Category Science, Climate
Rod Martin, Jr.
14,600 words

One of the key claims of Warming Alarmists is that Global Warming will result in more droughts and larger deserts.

If we know how land ever gets water in the first place, then we can easily debunk the alarm regarding deserts and droughts. Read more…

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History, Politics & Myth

Mission: Atlantis book coverLatest:

Mission: Atlantis, Scientific evidence of Plato’s lost island empire
Published 2020:05
Categories History, Politics & Myth; Science
Rod Martin, Jr.
192,000 words

Should scientists ever reject evidence or ridicule the pursuit of new evidence? Would you be surprised to learn that it always happens, even today? Mention the name “Atlantis” in scientific circles, and be prepared for raised eyebrows or cold shoulders. But what if we had proof of Atlantis? This powerful book provides evidence that could change everything, including what may be proof of an Atlantis-like event right when Plato said the lost island empire disappeared. Read more…

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Self-Help & How-To

Taking Charge book coverLatest:

Taking Charge: How to Assert Positive Control Over Your Own Emotions
Published 2018:09
Category Self-Help & How-To
Rod Martin, Jr.
15,000 words (Also known as Instant Happiness)

Everyone wants to take charge of their own destiny. Thankfully, you can have that control any time you want. Ironically, we have so much practice stopping our own empowerment, achieving this desired state has become difficult. Taking Charge provides step-by-step exercises for breaking through the barriers that we create for ourselves. Lasting control over your own destiny can be had. This book shows exactly how to do that. Read more…

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Spirituality & Religion

Spirit is Digital - Science is Analog coverLatest:

Spirit is Digital — Science is Analog
Published 2019:01
Category Spirituality & Religion, Science
Rod Martin, Jr.
17,000 words

For some, science and religion are as compatible as oil and water. However, the two realms complement one another. While science studies the products of God’s creation, spirituality and religion study the sources of creation.

This philosophical tour de force provides unique insights into the inner workings of our universe from both sides of the equation—both cause and effect. Read more…

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Edge of Remembrance: Tales of Atlantis Lost
Published 2017:0315
Category Fiction, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction
Carl Martin
115,000 words

Book 2 of Edge of Remembrance, Merla Velzna faces her greatest challenge since the destruction of her homeland. But the seeds she planted, nearly 12,000 years ago, bear fruit. And her once scattered family finally comes back together, again.

Gunter Jürgens discovered he had an intelligent and attractive fan who would not go away. When he discovered the secret within himself and in her, it changed his life forever. Read more…

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