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Thermophobia book coverScience—climate, astronomy, space

Favorable Incompetence book coverHistory & Current Events—9/11, conspiracies

Instant Happiness book coverSelf-help & How-to—happiness, creativity, forgiveness

The Bible's Hidden Wisdom book coverSpirituality & Religion—Bible, wisdom, Christianity

Touch the Stars: Emergence book coverScience Fiction—novels, short fiction anthology


Thermophobia book coverThermophobia: Shining a Light on Global Warming—Published 2016:08
Rod Martin, Jr.
36,000 words

Did you know that Global Warming made civilization possible 12,000 years ago? Did you know that, technically, we currently live in an Ice Age, and that the current interglacial is overdue to end? The implications of these facts pose a grave threat to humanity and civilization. And the threats from Global Warming remain ironically small by comparison. So, why the “thermophobia”—fear of warmth? The answers may surprise you. Read more…

red_line_frontRed Line — Carbon Dioxide: How humans saved all life on Earth by burning fossil fuels—Published 2016:11
Rod Martin, Jr.
16,000 words

How could burning fossil fuels save all life on Earth? Did you know that we live in an epoch of carbon dioxide starvation? Did you know that we live in an Ice Age and that the current interglacial (warm period of an Ice Age) is overdue to end? Facts like these change the entire climate dialog. Civilization and life itself depend on getting this right. It should concern all of us that governments want to cool down the planet in an Ice Age and to reduce carbon dioxide in an epoch of CO2 plant starvation. Read more…

History & Current Events

Favorable Incompetence book coverFavorable Incompetence: Shining a Light on 9/11—Published 2015:09
Rod Martin, Jr.
21,000 words

Many people think 9/11 is old news, but it remains an ongoing event. People are still dying because of it. Did you know that the top 6 military officers who failed to protect America on 9/11 all received promotions, instead of courts martial? Since when does the military reward deadly incompetence? Did you know that New York Mayor Giuliani committed felony destruction of crime scene evidence starting on the evening of 9/11 and continuing for months, ending more than half a year before the official investigation began? September 11 contains some deadly mysteries and more lies than you might imagine. Read more…

Dirt Ordinary book coverDirt Ordinary: Shining a Light on Conspiracies—Published 2015:09
Rod Martin, Jr.
24,000 words

American culture treats “conspiracies” as if they were fantasies. Ironically, this is far from true. Did you know there are at least 489 new conspiracies starting every second, on average? This is based on documented conspiracies. The number of undocumented conspiracies remains unknown. Conspiracies can be found in virtually every aspect of life—from children stealing cookies in the kitchen, to college students cheating on exams, and from corporate espionage, to 9/11. Every war began with at least one conspiracy. In a very real sense, conspiracies have led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people throughout human history. Read more…

Self-Help & How-To

Instant Happiness book coverInstant Happiness: How to Assert Positive Control Over Your Own Emotions—Published 2016:07
Rod Martin, Jr.
15,000 words

Everyone wants to be happy. Thankfully, you can have happiness any time you want. Ironically, we have so much practice stopping our own happiness, achieving this desired emotion has become difficult. Instant Happiness provides step-by-step exercises for breaking through the barriers that we create for ourselves. Lasting happiness can be had instantly. This book shows exactly how to do that. Read more…

The Spark of Creativity book coverThe Spark of Creativity: How to Unleash a Flood of Ideas That Matter, Right Now—Published 2014:04
Rod Martin, Jr.
12,000 words

Even if you think you’re not a very creative person, you can find that spark within you. The Spark of Creativity provides several, step-by-step exercises for developing your own creativity. The book also provides useful tips for what to do when your own creative juices seem to have dried up. Read more…

The Art of Forgiveness book coverThe Art of Forgiveness—Published 2012:06
Rod Martin, Jr.
11,000 words

In the summer of 1977, Rod Martin experienced three miracles while driving on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. All three changed his life forever. The most profound miracle was the discovery that forgiveness can be effortless. It took Martin more than 30 years to understand the lessons of that day. The Art of Forgiveness spells out exactly what happened and names the component parts of True Forgiveness. Read more…

Spirituality & Religion

The Science of Miracles book coverThe Science of Miracles: How Scientific Method Can Be Applied to Spiritual Phenomena—Published 2018:01
Rod Martin, Jr.
28,000 words

To the skeptical scientist, miracles are a delusion. To those who have done miracles on a regular basis, they are a way to fulfill the will of God. This book examines the weaknesses of science and cuts to the bone, finding the problem in the very paradigm used by all of science. An easy solution is provided so that science can investigate any phenomenon without difficulty. This book also provides a narrative description of the events and thought processes that led Rod Martin to discover the mechanics of creation and the nature of our relationship to God. Read more…

The Bible's Hidden Wisdom book coverThe Bible’s Hidden Wisdom: God’s Reason for Noah’s Flood—Published 2014:02
Rod Martin, Jr.
69,000 words

Many Christians would be surprised to discover that the Bible contains hidden wisdom. While such wisdom remains hidden to any literal reading, it becomes readily visible to the Holy Spirit within each of us. Rod Martin’s biblical research uncovers what may be the real reason for Noah’s Flood. A new date for the Flood not only coincides with the disappearance of a competing species, that species matches the description in Genesis 6 for the “daughters of men.” The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom unlocks the mystery of the seemingly outrageous longevity of the early patriarchs. It finds a secret link between the children of Cain in Genesis 4, and the children of Seth in Genesis 5. The book’s message remains one of hope for it discovers a gem of great value within the seemingly harsh destruction of all life during the Flood. That gem is none other than God’s unwavering love for us. Read more…

Watered Down Christianity book coverWatered Down Christianity—Published 2015:04
Rod Martin, Jr.
24,000 words

Christianity remains the largest religion by population on the planet. Yet, it is a fractured religion, with hundreds of denominations—each one a separate flavor of the original teachings. In order to stay “relevant,” the various churches have endeavored to increase their popularity. But something has been lost in the process. This book explores how Christianity has become watered down and how, in many cases, the original teachings have become all but lost. Read more…

Science Fiction

Edge of Remembrance: Gods and Dragons - coverEdge of Remembrance: Gods and Dragons—Published 2017:0214
Carl Martin
139,000 words

Merla Velzna had been born a warrior, but had chosen archaeology. Destiny, however, had chosen her to protect the future of civilization, all six thousand years before our own history began.

Gunter Jürgens had always dreamed of being an archaeologist. On a dig in Nicaragua he discovered evidence of Merla Velzna and of the empire that all of modern science had declared taboo. Read more…

eortoal_coverEdge of Remembrance: Tales of Atlantis Lost—Published 2017:0315
Carl Martin
115,000 words

Book 2 of Edge of Remembrance, Merla Velzna faces her greatest challenge since the destruction of her homeland. But the seeds she planted, nearly 12,000 years ago, bear fruit. And her once scattered family finally comes back together, again.

Gunter Jürgens discovered he had an intelligent and attractive fan who would not go away. When he discovered the secret within himself and in her, it changed his life forever. Read more…

Touch the Stars: Emergence book coverTouch the Stars: Emergence—Published 1983:08, Expanded 2012:06
John Dalmas and Carl Martin
74,000 words

An accident at Roanhorse Aerospace leads Apache aerospace industrialist, Jason Roanhorse, and his team of researchers to discover a faster-than-light propulsion drive. Suddenly, humanity has access to other star systems. But an ultra-secret group of powerful individuals—the Hamilton Club—wants to keep humanity trapped on Earth and under their control. Because Roanhorse threatens their plans, he has to go. The race is on for Roanhorse to stay ahead of their increasingly dangerous assassination attempts. Read more…

Touch the Stars: Diaspora book coverTouch the Stars: Diaspora—Published 2014:05
Carl Martin
163,000 words

The Hamilton Club finds an alien ally in their efforts to regain control over humanity. Though his body is small, Vormin Kark becomes a far more sinister foe than the Hamilton Club could have imagined. Suddenly, the freedom to travel among the stars is threatened by enemies from within and from without. Jason Roanhorse’s eldest son, Gordon, works his way up in the company toward becoming the captain of his own starship. His skills and experiences prove crucial in defending the freedoms humanity had come to enjoy. What results is a war that stretches throughout this sector of the galaxy. Read more…

Entropy's Children book coverEntropy’s Children—Published 2014:03
Carl Martin
57,000 words

Twelve stories of short science fiction. Jagor Kroliap was military on special assignment—an archaeological dig in an underwater city forgotten by time—a city named Los Angeles. Telandri of the planet Harma was a police inspector who discovered from a suicide investigation that the universe would be ending. Young Olen Efel-Tosk did not think his errand in Rizzel would be so special, but in one afternoon, he encountered a monster on horseback and a dragon. Ed Harkness was the victim of an intergalactic accident. The poor map he had drawn of Earth was the only clue he possessed that might ever allow him to go home. Gerry Ann Quesada was a reporter for a local paper and remained skeptical that she’d ever have that big break she needed. One boring assignment with a timid scientist proved her wrong. The planet Lavoisier was 93% ocean. Everything seemed pleasantly wonderful about this water world until scientists discovered Delphinus capensis swimming in those alien seas, 49.3 light years from home. Read more…

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