Tharsis Highlands logo (Mars globe and pyramid)
Tharsis Highlands logo. This consists of a stylized Mars globe, showing North polar ice cap, with pyramid hovering above equator. Fashioned after the Medieval symbol for Mars and man.

Tharsis Highlands is the brainchild of Rod Martin, Jr. It was borne out of a love of space travel, science, universal mysteries, logic, mathematics, Mars geography, writing, publishing and art. The company was originally registered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. In 2007, it expanded to Cebu, Philippines.

The name originally came from a region on Mars call Tharsis—a highland plateau surrounding the Valles Marineris, and a short distance east of Olympus Mons—the tallest known mountain in the solar system.

Tharsis Highlands publishing creates,

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About the Header Image

The header image for this page shows a snapshot of the largest known canyon in the Solar System—Valles Marineris on Mars. This is a massive chasm that stretches as long as the continental United States is wide. This valley cuts through the highland plains of Mars known as the Tharsis region.