An old-style, manual typewriter, late 19th or early 20th century. Yes, we use modern equipment, but we respect the heritage which got us here. Photo: Rawpixel (CC0) Pixabay.


Tharsis Highlands’ sales continue to be strong in Weather category for Climate Basics and Thermophobia. Climate Basics was at #1 Weather Bestseller for 14 weeks and continues to rate in the Top 10 in Weather and in Two-Hour Science & Math Short Reads. As sales of Climate Basics initially took off, the author expanded the book with illustrations and diagrams, plus a glossary to meet reader’s needs.

Both Thermophobia and Red Line — Carbon Dioxide remain in the Top 100 in Amazon’s Weather category.

Print Versions

Print versions of most books are now available. The 3 remaining fiction titles should be completed in the next month. With our new template assembly line, print versions of new books will be far easier to produce. On Amazon’s platform, their Matchbook program allows anyone purchasing the print version to download the ebook immediately, for FREE, so they don’t have to wait for the physical book to be shipped before they can start reading. We could have charged something for the ebook, but decided to make it free to those who purchase the print version so waiting would be virtually eliminated.

Brick-and-mortar bookstores have started to order our print titles. If you don’t see our books at your favorite bookstore, please ask them to order from Amazon.

New Titles

In 2019, so far we’ve provided the following new titles:

  • Spirit is Digital — Science is Analog: Discovering where miracles and logic intersect
  • Proof of Atlantis? Evidence of Plato’s Lost Island Empire
  • Enemies of Christ: The Need to Protect Our Own Salvation from Ravening Wolves

Check back often for new titles as they are made available, both long and short form books.

Old-style printing press, circa 17th or 18th century. Photo: BBoellinger (CC0) Pixabay.

‘Quick Read’ Short Books

We’ve also started a new program of producing a series of Quick Read books—short stories and novelettes. Each of these will be priced at a low 99c. The first on this list is the short story, The Water, inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s Hugo award-winning short story, The Star. This story is also available in the anthology, Entropy’s Children, but is now available separately for those who may not want the entire anthology. Other Quick Read shorts will be available in the coming weeks. These will also be available in print.

Exciting things are happening at Tharsis Highlands. Let us know how we can be of more service.

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