It’s after Christmas in 2018, and 3 of our books have made Amazon’s Bestseller Top 100 in their Weather category.

Screen shot Climate Basics #1 Bestseller on Amazon
Climate Basics, Amazon Bestseller #1 in Science & Math short reads, #4 in Weather, #15 in Climatology. Click on the picture for more information.

Climate Basics—Top 10 in 2 Categories and #15 in Climatology

Climate Basics is a short read in the Science & Math category and has risen to #1 Bestseller several times over the last few weeks. As of today, it is, once again, #1 in the Science & Math short reads on Amazon. The book is also currently at #4 in Weather and #15 in Climatology. Climate Basics shares the Top 10 in Weather with books like Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, a perennial favorite at #2, and infamous Michael Mann’s The Madhouse Effect at #7.

This book takes the biggest claims of the Warming Alarmists and debunks them with facts, logic, empirical evidence and loads of sources. Amazon estimates this Kindle ebook at 46 pages.

Thermophobia book cover
Thermophobia currently in Amazon’s Top 100 Bestsellers, Weather. Click picture for more.

Thermophobia—#58 in Weather

Thermophobia tackles the unrealistic fear in which our modern world finds itself wallowing. This book digs deeply on the topic of global warming and how the fact that we currently live in an Ice Age makes the fear of warmth all the more ironic. In addition, this book also takes head on the unrealistic fetish some parts of society have for ice. This “cryophilia” is yet another symptom of the Left’s and Globalists’ #ProDeath stance.

The last part of this book provides the reader with realistic solutions to the problems we do actually face—solutions which don’t involved giving up our hard-earned cash, personal liberties or national sovereignty.

This book is part of the “Shining a Light” series. Amazon’s estimate for this ebook is 125 pages.

Red Line - Carbon Dioxide cover
Red Line debunks the slander against CO2, this vital gas of life. Click picture for more.

Red Line—Carbon Dioxide—#85 in Weather

Red Line—Carbon Dioxide delivers tons of wonderful facts about this vital gas of life. It provides a much-needed perspective on the amount of CO2 we currently have in our atmosphere. Despite all the fearmongering, we currently reside in a dire shortage of the gas.

This book gives the long an illustrious existence of carbon dioxide in making life on Earth possible. It also provides the startling realization that nature itself has been slowly committing suicide. Humans, bless their hearts, have accidentally saved all life on Earth from Extinction by burning fossil fuels.

This was Rod Martin, Jr.’s second book on climate science. Amazon estimates this ebook at 58 pages length.

Deserts & Droughts book cover
Deserts & Droughts, Climate Basics series #2. Click on picture for more.

New Climate Book—Deserts & Droughts

Rod Martin, Jr. has added a fourth book to his list of climate bestsellers. Will this one make Amazon’s Top 100 in Weather or Climatology? Only time will tell.  This work takes on the specific like of the Warming Alarmist mainstream corporate media—that global warming will result in more droughts and larger deserts. As this slender book proves, reality remains the complete opposite of their claims. Warming leads to more life-affirming rain, not less.

This is the second book in the “Climate Basics” series, based on the bestselling Climate Basics. Amazon estimates this ebook at 55 pages in length.

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