Creating Our Emotions — New Book, Instant Happiness

Creating Our Emotions: Instant Happiness book coverCreating our emotions is the topic of a book released July 23, 2016. The title is Instant Happiness. How can “instant” anything be of lasting value to us? If you know all of the barriers and negative forces at work, it becomes easy. Of course, the book focuses on one emotion in particular—happiness—but the principles remain the same for all emotions. We are each responsible for our condition in life. Every emotion we experience is a feeling that we have created by our own decision. We either decide to create a specific emotion, or we decide to give up our power and allow circumstances to dictate how we feel.

This book doesn’t offer any easy solution. This takes work. But it gives the reader a clear path to a proven solution.

Circumstances and our modern culture have trained us to have some truly bizarre beliefs about life, responsibility and many of the other attitudes we express every day. These generate barriers to creating our emotions the way we would like to create them. Quite often, these barriers trick us into thinking that happiness is impossible.

Exercises to Help Us in Creating Our Emotions

One-by-one, this book provides insight into each barrier and how to dismantle it at the most basic level—our own subconscious attention. Step-by-step exercises give us the tools to remove each barrier. In the third part of the book, common misconceptions are cleared up—things like love and importance, responsibility and blame, and compassion and sympathy.

At the end of the book, the reader is left knowing how we can create our emotions with ease and certainty.

This is by the same author who wrote The Art of Forgiveness, showing how miracles are not only possible, but how they can be effortless, too.

Find out how you can get your own copy of Instant Happiness.

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