A Masterpiece of Scientific Scholarship?

Mission: Atlantis book cover

Our latest book, Mission: Atlantis, is also our largest single work at 192,000 words and 780 pages. This volume by Rod Martin, Jr. provides evidence of Plato’s lost island empire which proves that scientists and skeptics have been too hasty in dismissing the possible past reality of Atlantis.

Martin discusses in great depth,

  • The Atlantis story;
  • The myth’s relationship to other legends and myths;
  • The fact that Plato got correct so many things validated by science about which he could never have known;
  • The works of some leading Atlantologists (fans of Plato’s story),
  • The works of Atlantis skeptics and how those naysayers have used virtually nothing but logical fallacies to make their claims against Atlantis;
  • Evidence in support of Plato’s lost island empire, including facts from geology, oceanography, climatology, physical and cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, biology and genetics;
  • A geologically sound basis for the creation, expansion and ultimate destruction of the Atlantis island;
  • A critical discussion of the actual location of Atlantis and date of its destruction; and
  • A 3-stage plan for gaining the evidence necessary to prove, once and for all, whether or not Atlantis actually existed. This is, after all, Mission: Atlantis.

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For more information, see our Mission: Atlantis page.

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