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Our latest book, is now available for purchase. This work includes dinosaurs, maps, geology, climate science, mass extinctions, travel locations, culture and more. With more than 1,200 photographs, maps and illustrations, Pangaea Sister Sites is both educational and entertaining. With so many different species and locations, this book is a feast for the eyes.

But what are Pangaea Sister Sites? Quite simply, they are locations separated by up to 180 million years of tectonic plate movement. Once, long ago, these locations were next-door neighbors—like New York City and Dakhla, Western Sahara.

This book includes Paleomaps by geologist, Dr. Christopher Scotese, founder of the Paleomap Project.

Not only do we visit each set of modern Sister Sites, but we delve into their Jurassic past, looking up the citizens of that forgotten world—beasts like Pegomastax africana and Neovenator.

For more on this upcoming book, read our article on Pangaea Sister Sites.

Your purchase helps to support the Paleomap Project.

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